Personality Traits of a Leo

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Leo is here. Leo, symbolised by the lion, is the monarch of the heavenly forest. They love being royal: Leos adore the limelight and celebrating themselves.

These lions are natural leaders and appreciate artistically-inspired friendships and relationships.

Leos love drama-filled tabloid relationships. Every Leo believes they're famous. These astrological divas love extravagant meals, parties, and fancy clothes.

The sun rules Leo's life and vigour. Leos are stable, faithful, and consistent, like the sun. They put their hearts into every connection. (Leo rules the heart.)

Until they feel threatened, lions like seeing their partners flourish. When they dread being overshadowed, they might become egotistical, proud, and envious.

Celestial lions should remember that others' achievement doesn't dim their own brilliance. Leos' arrogance threatens their happiness.

Leos are recognised for their ambition, drive, and fearlessness.

Leo's tarot card shows physical, mental, and emotional tenacity. Leos evolve into fearless optimists who refuse to accept defeat.

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