Personality Traits of a Pisces

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Pisces is the final zodiac constellation. Two fish swimming in opposing directions indicate Pisces's focus on dream and reality.

Pisces, the last sign, has absorbed all the previous signs' pleasures, sufferings, hopes, and anxieties. This makes them the most perceptive, sensitive, and caring fish.

With such sensitivity, Pisces might get overwhelmed by emotions and must keep centred (appropriately, Pisces rules the feet).

Neptune rules creativity and dreams, therefore Pisces love exploring their fantasies. Neptune's darker side governs illusion and escapism.

Neptunian energy is fascinating, mysterious, and dangerous. When the horizon is obscured by fog on the ocean, the sea and sky blend together.

This solar sign should avoid mirages. Pisces prefer rose-colored glasses to confronting difficulties, which may make them seem flaky or deluded.

This water symbol shouldn't swim away from issues. Willful ignorance only makes confrontation worse.

Pisces adjusts well to their environment. These clairvoyant fish have access to the collective psyche and become great artists.

They're energised by music and romance. Any connection with Pisces is spiritually profound.

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