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Virgo is an earth sign personified by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, which testifies to its tangible existence. Virgos are realistic, pragmatic, and methodical.

This earth sign is a perfectionist who practises diligently to improve.

Virgo oversees the digestive system, thus earth signs are highly receptive to food and other substances. They're meticulous.

Communication planet Mercury rules Virgo. Gemini is about production and expression, whereas Virgo is about input and processing.

A Virgo organises and simplifies information like a computer.

Virgos like to be thorough, yet seeking the ideal may be detrimental to self and others. Virgos should realise that faults aren't defects.

Virgos desire to assist. Kind, compassionate, and helpful, they utilise their intelligence and ingenuity to problem-solve.

Pisces, Virgo's opposing sign, is spiritual, whereas Virgos are practical. These earth signs are continuously trying to fix faulty systems.

Methodical and dedicated, they make good instructors, healers, editors, and musicians.

Personality Traits Of A Pisces

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