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Personality Traits of an Aquarius

What makes an Aquarius happy?

Zodiac's humanitarian is chilly, detached, and disconnected. Aquarius hates smalltalk. Aquarius dislikes gossip and politeness.

This zodiac sign is dedicated to macro change, hence they are revolutionaries. If Aquarius seems uninterested, it's because the topic isn't community-focused.

What are Aquarius weaknesses?

Once Aquarius decides, there's no going back. Aquarius may be obstinate. Once Aquarius commits to a plan, they can't change.

A weakness. Aquarius rules ankles. Aquarian obstinacy stems from righteous conviction and is overcome when they can make a difference.

Who should Aquarius avoid? 

Aquarians require alone time to think, plan, and create. Aquarians see independence threats as attempts to subjugate them.

Don't try to tame Aquarius' eccentricities. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs like Aquarius, and too many stubborn people may feel like too many cooks.

Aquarius should compromise while dating other zodiac signs. It's fantastic that people have different interests.

Who's the best match for Aquarius?

Aquarius loves the fire signs' (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) independence and air signs' intelligence (Gemini and Libra).

Aquarius may date. Aquarius likes passionate, resolute revolutionaries. Aquarians are drawn to partners who don't mind breaking the rules... or Aquarius' devotion.

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