Personality Traits of an Aries

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Aries wants to be first, therefore it's no wonder they're the first zodiac sign. Aries is bold and ambitious, diving into difficult circumstances.

Aries is a passionate, energetic, and confident leader with a pleasant personality and persistent resolve, like Leo and Sagittarius.

Uncomplicated and straightforward, they are annoyed by superfluous complications. They favour fast and filthy, which reflects their sexual preferences.

Aries, a cardinal sign, starts spring and the zodiac wheel. Astrologers believe each sign learns the pleasant and sad lessons of its predecessors.

Aries leads with blind optimism and an effervescent joie de vivre that compliments their impulsivity.

Fire signs consider after they jump, which leads to severe lessons. Libra, Aries' opposing sign, signifies collaboration. These rams practise "everyone for himself."

Mars, the Roman god of battle, rules this sign. These brave rams are always ready for fight.

Aries has an explosive temper, so avoid them until the steam has evaporated.

When they're not raging, these bold rams are happy, pleasant, and fun. Aries excels on the sports field, on the roads, and at party games.

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