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Rats are cute and inventive. They are constantly knowledgeable and observant. They are so sincere in their questions that we are forced to divulge our secrets.


The ox stands for luck achieved through tenacity. The Ox is tolerant and values customs. Oxen are excellent listeners yet also obstinate.


Tigers are amazing, colourful, and unpredicted. This formidable fighter is prized as a protector. Tigers are ready to strike, but they might be hesitant.


Rabbits are elegant and sage. Drama is avoided here, therefore the locals lead quiet lives. They favour aesthetics. Moody, they may come out as distant to others.


The legendary Dragon charms us. Dragons have great power. Life is vibrant and busy. Always have friends and admirers. They require a life purpose.


Snakes are solitary and enigmatic. This is how snakes operate. They are observant and love to take their time with their analysis. Snakes adore beauty and luxury.


Horse-year infants are upbeat and enthusiastic, but their emotions can make them aggressive. Even the most reserved people can chat to them. Horses are tough and smart thinkers.


The generosity of sheep is well known. They enjoy art and fashion and are quiet. They are kind yet adamant. Despite not wanting to fight, they could use force if confronted.


Innovators and competitors are monkeys. They amuse with their creativity and personality. The clever Monkey can overcome severe challenges.


The strangest and most misinterpreted signals are roosters. Despite their bravado, they are traditional. Roosters do well in the limelight. Storytellers like roosters are endearing.


Dog people are intelligent and trustworthy. They adore loyalty and justice. The babies born this year are by nature gregarious and cooperative.


The boar stands for boldness, simplicity, and honesty. Boars thrive in extremes. The Boar never makes concessions in matters of love, friendship, altruism, or style!


Your Chinese Zodiac Sign According To Birth Year

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