Pizza Hut Is Releasing Popular New Pizza

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Pizza is having a moment right now, and Pizza Hut is riding the wave with it.

In a recent announcement, the restaurant said it will begin serving a new pizza in the style popularised by Detroit.

Detroit-style pizzas are known for their thick, rectangular pies that are covered in cheese all the way to the edges, creating a crust that is both caramelised and crunchy.

The pizza's sauce is poured on top after the cheese and other toppings have been added.

This is a Sicilian influence that allows Detroit-style pizza to have a light and fluffy crust without drowning it with sauce.

The new pizza from Pizza Hut was developed for a whole year and went through more than 500 revisions before reaching its present state of

crispy perfection, which will soon be available at Pizza Hut locations around. The Hut's innovative, eight-stage, vine-ripened tomato sauce was specifically made for this pie.

Our version of Detroit-style pizza is the result of countless hours of research, development, testing, and refinement. 

This pizza is outstanding because to its caramelised cheese crust and generous topping of sauce.

There are four Detroit-style pizzas available at Pizza Hut, but the Double Pepperoni stands out since it contains an incredible 80 pieces of pepperoni.

The cheapest of the four pies costs just $10.99 and is currently available at retailers all around the country.

As the global pizza wars continue to flare, the newest pie from Pizza Hut will give Domino's and Papa John's a run for their money.

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