Popeyes Is Bringing Back a Popular Chicken Sandwich

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The chicken sandwich monarch is counting on a fan-favorite dish to "reignite" the Chicken Sandwich Wars.

The restaurant is re-releasing its Blackened Chicken Sandwich and revealing how to prepare it at home.

The sandwich is constructed with a breading-free, marinated chicken breast covered with blackening spices.

Like the conventional breaded chicken sandwich, it's served on a brioche bun with crisp pickles and house or spicy mayo.

Popeyes Rewards members who order the Blackened Chicken Sandwich through the app or website will get free normal fries on their next order.

Popeyes is banking that customers will want to duplicate the item at home. Along with the sandwich, the business is publishing the spice rub components and daring fans and competitors to copy it.

You can find copycat recipes for almost any fast-food sandwich online. Popeyes is sure that their approach is better and that its locations provide the real stuff.

Black pepper, cumin, red peppers, garlic, onion, paprika, white pepper, and salt.

Chicken breasts have been supplied to eateries around the country in anticipation of the announcement.

Workers and customers who observed the sandwich before its official introduction have varied impressions of the new chicken.

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