Popeyes Popular Fish Sandwich Is Back on the Menu

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The popular Flounder Fish Sandwich and Shrimp Tackle Box from Popeyes are back everywhere for Lent.

In 2021, the company that makes fried chicken sold its first fish sandwich. In 2022, Popeyes brought back both the Classic and Spicy versions of the sandwich.

It is indeed a toasted brioche sandwich with pickles, Popeyes Classic Tartar or Spicy Spread, and a fried flounder fillet seasoned with herbs and spices from Louisiana.

In 2021, the sandwich was a good alternative to Wendy's Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich and McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.

From the year before, the Classic sandwich from Popeyes and the North Atlantic Cod Filet sandwich from Culver tied for first place in our poll.

Before Lent starts on February 22, the Flounder Fish Sandwich is on Popeyes' online menu. One shop in New Jersey sold the sandwich for $5.99, but prices may vary.

For Valentine's Day, customers who buy a grilled cheese combo on Popeyes' app or website can get a free chicken or fish sandwich a la carte.

Popeyes goes on to say that the sale runs from February 13 to 19.

The package has eight butterfly shrimp that have been breaded and fried, then seasoned with the chain's signing Louisiana herbs and spices.

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