Popular Burger Chains Are Currently Shrinking

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TGI Fridays

Since 1965, TGI Fridays has been around. The restaurant began as a singles bar but switched to family eating in the '70s.

Like Ruby Tuesday, TGI Fridays expanded fast in the early 2000s under Carlson.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday took off in the '90s with Applebee's and TGI Fridays. The chain's stock price peaked in 2004 at $33 per share.

Johnny Rockets

In 2007, RedZone Capital announced ambitions to extend the chain's presence. After six years, RedZone sold the brand to Sun Capital Partners.


Founded in 1935, this family-friendly establishment is known for its handmade ice cream and Big Beef Burgers.

In the '90s, Friendly's had 850 locations. Over the last decade, it's struggled to remain afloat.

Hometown Burger

San Antonio lost a renowned burger spot. Regional chain Hometown Burger closed all eight locations last month without explanation.

"Thanks for your business over the years," the company remarked on its website. We'll see you later.


Krystal has 290 locations, 120 less than 20 years ago. Its sales are low compared to rivals.

Recent data shows that its average unit volumes—or average sales per restaurant—are 7% lower than a decade ago and below burger industry norms.

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