Popular Butter Selling Stopped By Costco at several locations

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The rich flavour and exceptionally creamy texture of Irish butter make it highly sought after. These beneficial characteristics are often linked to the grass-fed cows that produce it.

Consuming grass-fed butter may be better than conventional American butter, aiding in immunity, blood sugar control, and heart and bone health.

Kerrygold is the most popular brand of Irish butter in the United States right now, and

you may identify it by its eye-catching, glittering silver and gold packaging, which makes the product stand out on store shelves.

The brand gained popularity during the butter coffee craze, which lifestyle expert Dave Asprey initiated in 2009.

If you discover Kerrygold Irish butter has vanished from your local grocery, you may blame it on the same difficult-to-miss packaging.

Costco locations in California and New York recently removed Kerrygold butter from their shelves due to

new state legislation barring PFASs, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, in food packaging.

Both states have recently passed legislation prohibiting the use of so-called "forever chemicals," which may endanger human health.

According to a Costco manager in San Francisco, the beloved butter won't be available for another month or two.

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