Popular Chain Restaurant Is Down to Its Last Location

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Another chain is downsizing owing to the economy. Kirby's would shutdown its Fayetteville store on October 9. This leaves one Kirby's Grill restaurant in the same town.

At its peak, the business had four sites throughout the area. Richard Zdyb previously shuttered the Liverpool, New York, and Yorkville locations.

Even after lockdowns ceased, operations at the remaining Kirby's restaurants remained tough.

Labor issues and other restaurant troubles have hurt business. Higher salaries haven't helped him retain workers.

"Before COVID, I never had [staffing] problems. After then, everything changed."

The latest closures signal the end of a decades-old enterprise. The business began in the early 1970s as Mr. Steak locations, which had more than 300 sites.

In 1982, the chain's franchisees broke away and became Kirby's. Later, opened more neighbourhood restaurants.

He created burger eateries called after his pronunciation before selling the mini-chain in 2007. He shuttered Hook, Line, and Sinker in Utica in October 2010.

Zdyb laments having to merge Kirby's, even if it made practical sense. He said this was a tough option, but we had no choice.

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