Popular Easter Candy Factory Exploded In Pennsylvania

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Since 1948, the R.M. Palmer Company has made chocolate Easter bunnies and other seasonal sweets. One of the company's candy production buildings exploded in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on March 24.

The residents of a nearby church and apartment complex were compelled to escape.

"There is not too much to salvage from" the manufacturing building due to the bomb. Officials are probing the cause.

Three individuals died and four are missing in the blast. Eight persons were hospitalized. Philadelphia reported 10, with at least six patients discharged.

Despite the passage of time, the rescue attempt continues. We want to find and reunite all lost people.

R.M. Palmer Co., one of America's largest candy producers, makes Palmer chocolate and employs over 800 people. The corporation said it was "anxious" to help staff and others after the incident.

"We lost dear friends and coworkers, and we pray for their families and friends. We are appreciative to the first responders and the Reading community for their remarkable efforts "it stated.

The corporation said on Facebook that it will offer grief counselling to staff and help explosion victims' relatives.

The explosion caused an electricity outage that disabled computer and phone services.

"We will notify everyone when it is safe to return to areas of the plant, which may take some time. The factory will be unavailable till then "business said.

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