Popular Frozen Pizza Is Recalled Due To Serious Contamination

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If you're heading to the grocery store to pick up a frozen pizza, be careful. One prominent food maker has disclosed one of its products may include unwanted toppings.

Home Run Inn Frozen Foods is recalling 13,099 pounds of Chicago's Premium Pizzeria Deluxe Sausage Classic Pizza.

Someone complained after finding baked-in bits. Pizzas were delivered to Illinois and sold there.

Look for the 33.5-ounce carton with a best-by date of 12/03/22. Inside the USDA inspection mark, the items will bear EST. 18498-A.

Metal shards in meals may cause tooth damage, mouth or throat lacerations, and intestinal lacerations or perforations.

While no injuries have been reported, the pizzas may still be in customers' freezers. If you bought one of these pizzas, toss it. For recall-related inquiries, visit the FSIS website.

Not only pizza has been recalled recently. Chocolate truffles were removed off stores because they "may contain tiny levels of

milk proteins" that weren't listed on the box and might trigger allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Chick-fil-As Popular Item Contaminated

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