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Popular Hobbies For INFJ Personalities

Writing and Journaling

Start by writing to get your thoughts and feelings out and find out more about the world.


Make a monthly list of books to read or read by yourself to get through your TBR list. You could also join a book club that gives you books you want to read.


Painting and drawing are great hobbies for INFJs who like to work with their hands. They are cheap to start, and there are a lot of free lessons on YouTube.

Digital Art and Design

Some artists like to make graphics. Create book covers, company logos, and marketing materials using Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Computer Programming

You can learn to code without being at your computer by using apps.

Fiber Crafts

Needlework and crocheting are the easiest and most popular fibre arts to learn. Dishcloths, hats, and scarves are easy crafts that make great gifts.

Deep Conversations

INFJs like to have deep, stimulating conversations with one person at a time.


You could learn a new way to dance from YouTube videos or lessons (in person or virtual). Make sure you have enough space if you do this at home.

Playing a Musical Instrument

You can learn for free at home by watching videos on YouTube and using an instrument you already own.

Spending Time in Nature

The outdoors are free to enjoy. Walk along a quiet road and look at the trees, plants, and new things you see.

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