Popular McDonald's breakfast item returning to menu

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McDonald's has announced the comeback of a fan favorite breakfast dish, adding excitement to the day's most essential meal.

Factually correct Fans of McDonald's breakfast items recall that the bagel became an immediate favorite after its 1999 introduction, but they were unavailable throughout the epidemic.

Breakfast sandwiches will no longer be available at McDonald's as of January 2022, the fast food giant stated.

The bagel will be back on the McDonald's breakfast menu beginning of March 21, 2023,

so it seems that the irreversible removal was simply a temporary pause.

Customers will have the following options for bagel sandwiches beginning March 28, 2023:

Choices include the classic steak-and-eggs breakfast as well as bacon-and-eggs, sausage-and-eggs, or simply egg and cheese.

Visit McDonald's official website to learn about the restaurant's menu, newest offerings, and dietary requirements.

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