Popular Sandwich Chains Customers Have Soured On

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Taylor Gourmet

Taylor Gourmet gained popularity in the 2010s with its high-quality hoagies and reasonable pricing. In 2018, the business abruptly closed all 19 of its outlets.

While its owner claimed increased competition and quick development for the demise, rumours said clients turned on the firm due to the owner's politics.


Quiznos was among the world's top chains 15 years ago. Quiznos was widely found in American shopping malls, but the brand appears to have lost its customers.

2007 saw 4,700 Quiznos outlets globally. It has less than 200 now. Quiznos isn't dead, but it's on the decline.


Blimpie was one of the first chains to concentrate on the sub sandwich and experience success before Charles Barkley and Simone Biles promoted Subway.

Blimpie had over 1,000 stores worldwide at the turn of the century, but Subway, Quiznos, and Jimmy Johns pushed it out of business. The business has 131 sites nationwide.

Which Wich

This Dallas sandwich business launched in 2003 to success. It's noted for its innovative ordering technique, where customers write their sandwich orders on a paper bag.

Which Wich's locations and popularity have declined. In 2017, the brand had over 500 locations; it now has roughly 285.

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