Popular Starbucks Coffee have A Major Recall

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PepsiCo has recalled Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino coffee drinks because there may be a piece of glass in them. Starbucks sells packs of 12 ready-to-drink cups of coffee.

Such drinks are sold all over the country, but not at Starbucks. Walmart and Target may sell coffee drinks that have already been made. The UPC code for the bottles is 0 12000-81331 3.

The 13.7-ounce bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drink will go bad on March 8, May 29, June 4, and June 10, 2023.

Call 1-800-211-8307 or take the item back to the store where you bought it.

Class Level II signifies that the item may be dangerous to your health. Even though big health problems are unlikely, the recall should still be taken seriously.

Societal risk impacts class levels. Class I recalls put consumers at the least risk, Class II recalls put them at a moderate risk, and Class III recalls put them at a high risk.

Starbucks' plan to win the chicken sandwich wars in 2022 didn't work. The coffee company's plans were stopped quickly. The coffee company added food to try to boost sales.

Chicken, Pine Butter, and Bagel Sandwiches were launched. After a few days, the company took the sandwiches off the shelves.

Customers and staff got sick after eating the Chicken, Maple Butter, and Egg Sandwiches.

This same Chicken, Pine Butter, and Egg Sandwiches were not taken off the shelves, but the company said there were problems with quality control.

It wasn't clear what it meant, but it could have meant that the staff wasn't taught enough about how to prepare and store the sandwich's contents, which could have made

customers sick or given them symptoms of food poisoning. The company pulled all of its sandwiches off the market until problems with their quality were fixed.

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