Power Color of every Zodiac sign

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Gray is neutral, uncertain, among black and white, steady, matured, and a touch mysterious, whereas brown is serious and stable. Capricorns aren't glamorous but are essential to any design.

Capricorn: gray

Aquarius's power color is blue. This cheerful color provides calm and happiness. Blue symbolizes art, jewels, water, thinking, tranquility, and tranquilly.

Aquarius: blue

This sign is emotional, empathic, creative, and spiritual, and green symbolizes development, health, nature, relaxation, connection, and energy. To recharge, take a nature stroll.

Pisces: light green

This fire sign is renowned for their passion, motivation, tenacity, leadership, and love of adventure, so it's no surprise that red—a color of intensity, romance, celebration, danger, and excitement represents them.

Aries: red

It's natural that greenery is Taurus' power hue because it's constantly there, like a Taurus. Green symbolizes development, connection, tranquility, innocence, and reliability.

Taurus: green

Sunny yellow inspires Geminis. This sign is kind, clever, and optimistic, like yellow.

Gemini: yellow

Cancers are loyal, insightful, compassionate, and sensitive. These hues are pure and beautiful like diamonds, linens, and blank canvases.

Cancer: white

This hue symbolizes monarchy, prosperity, success, and extravagance, making you feel cheerful, generous, and like a star.

Leo: gold

Green and brown suit this Earth sign. Brown is trustworthy and intelligent, whereas green is fresh, healthy, and energizing in nature.

Virgo: brown

Pink is soothing, associated with love, beauty, optimism, and compassion, whereas blue is restorative, associated with the sea or sky, sincerity, intellect, and contemplation.

Libra: pink

Scorpios are courageous, ambitious, secretive, and forceful. Black is refined and strong. Wear black for power and curiosity.

Scorpio: black

Purple symbolizes richness, grandeur, wisdom, dignity, grace, mysticism, and tranquilly, therefore wear it to feel cheerful, open, and social.

Sagittarius: Purple

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