Professions And Companies That Attract Toxic People

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Politics is a high-stress, competitive environment that often attracts individuals with strong personalities and a desire for power.

Unfortunately, this can also attract toxic individuals who prioritize their own interests over the greater good and may engage in unethical or manipulative behavior.


This can lead to a culture of aggression and competition that may attract individuals who prioritize winning over ethical behavior. 

Additionally, the high stakes and pressure to bill hours can also create a toxic work environment.


The finance industry is known for its cutthroat culture and focus on profit.

This can attract individuals who are willing to engage in unethical behavior to get ahead or who prioritize their own financial gain over the well-being of others.


The media industry can be highly competitive and fast-paced, with tight deadlines and a constant need to stay ahead of the news cycle.

This can attract individuals who prioritize their own success over ethical behavior, or who may engage in sensationalism or dishonesty to get ahead.


While not a profession or organization in the traditional sense, cults are known for their ability to attract and manipulate vulnerable individuals.

Cult leaders often use tactics such as emotional manipulation, isolation, and brainwashing to control their followers and maintain power.

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