Restaurant Side Dishes You Should Never Order

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Bread or bread-related sides are increasingly being charged for in restaurants (cheesy bread, garlic bread, etc.). But think again.

Make room for scrumptious and intriguing appetisers and your main course. For a variety of reasons, avoid eating bread before or during meals.


Asparagus, no matter how lovely, may be overcooked and stringy.

Loaded fries

If you're looking for something nutritious, we suggests the more creative vegetable-based alternatives that you can't produce at home.

Mac and cheese

It's a pity since it's my favourite when it's done correctly and by hand, with crispy edges, plenty of ooey-gooey melted cheese, and

a parmesan cracker crumb buttered topping. Perfect! Most restaurants have mastered the art of flavouring with an acidic sauce or vinaigrette, so making them healthier.

Mashed potatoes

Restaurants should deliver unique and fascinating food that cannot be replicated at home.

Soup of the day

Inquiring whether the soup was made in-house may not offer a clear answer. If the soup tastes the same as it did the day before, it isn't fresh.

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