Restaurants Chain That Serve Real Ice Cream

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Shake Shack

All desserts use homemade frozen custard. Chocolate and vanilla are the basis for delectable combinations.


Friendly's ice cream uses domestic milk. The restaurant uses products from local dairy farmers and makes its ice cream from scratch at its facilities.


The restaurant uses fresh milk and vanilla essence in unique equipment to make its famous scratch-made dessert.

Steak 'n Shake

Steak 'n Shake's milkshakes have always been creamy, but it doesn't mean they use dairy.


The Texan restaurant's drinkable sweets use fresh, genuine ice cream, making them especially delicious. Its popularity isn't surprising given its 16-ounce size.


These shakes aren't poured. Hand-dipped instead. An employee serves ice cream and dumps it into the blender.

Carl's Jr.

Each drink is made to order using real dairy ingredients. Every 16-ounce cup has a splash of milk in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or Oreo.

Sonic Drive-In

We'd guess some of those are pre-packaged, but the truth is much better. Besides tater tots and foot-long coneys, the drive-in sells freshly spun ice cream.

In-N-Out Burger

The California chain has boosted fast food standards with hand-formed beef patties and whole-spud fries. Thus, the chain's fresh milkshakes aren't unreasonable.


Quality is evident. The restaurant has its own dairy and makes its own ice cream, which is trucked to nearby restaurants.


Ice cream is whipped into ribbons for milkshakes, custards, and thick slabs of concrete, which customers can request plain or topped.

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