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Restaurants That Are Counting on World Cup Goals

The Qatar-hosted World Cup is the latest athletic event to captivate businesses. In 2026, Canada, Mexico, and the US will host the four-year event.

As the 2026 World Cup approaches, expect several sponsors, including restaurants, to join the Qatar World Cup.

Businesses and restaurants come up with interesting slogans or playing off scores to provide clients incentives to join in on the fun and potentially buy something or earn something free.

Wendy's offered free fries if the USMNT defeated England on Nov. 25. Free fries required a Wendy's app purchase.

Wendy's honoured the ad and gave customers free fries with an app purchase after the game finished in a draw since the US didn't lose.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is also supporting the USMNT this World Cup. Chipotle is an official partner of U.S. Soccer is taking advantage of the world's spotlight.

Over 15 million TVs saw the US-England match on Nov. 25. This was a record amount of viewers for any men's soccer match on T.V. nationwide.

Chipotle is sponsoring a 'Bowls for Goals' promotion, which will give out up to $1 million free in Chipotle meals for every goal the United States Men's National Soccer Team scored.

The U.S.-England match on Nov. 25 was 0-0, while the U.S.-Wales match was 1-1. So, the U.S. Men's National Team has scored one goal, therefore Chipotle has to send out 5,000 coupons for a free entrée.

Remember each goal scored, 5,000 free vouchers will be distributed through the Chipotle app.

You have to have the app to win a free dinner, so get it quickly, else you may be competing with over 15 million other burrito bowl soccer fanatics.

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