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Restaurants With Best Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich

8. White Castle

White Castle's $2.09 Crispy Chicken Slider was our cheapest chicken sandwich. These sliders included a bun, breaded chicken patty, and cheese—no sauce, veggies, or pickles.

7. Burger King

Burger King's Ch'King Original Chicken Sandwich is new. $5.29 hand-breaded chicken patty on toasted baguette with mayo.

6. McDonald's

In 2020, McDonald's introduced the $4.49 Crispy Chicken Sandwich. On a toasted sandwich with pickles, but no mayonnaise or sauce.

5. Culver's

The $4.29 Culver's Crispy Chicken Sandwich. On a toasted sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

4. Wendy's

Wendy's Classic Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles costs $5.39.

3. KFC

We were delighted to try KFC's Classic Chicken Sandwich because of its fried chicken. A delicious, well-seasoned chicken patty with mayonnaise and pickles cost $4.99.

2. Chick-fil-A

The Chick-fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich comes in second. It costs $4.75 with pickles and without mayonnaise on a buttered, toasted bun. Chick-fil-A serves a variety of sauces.

1. Popeyes

We love Popeyes' Classic Chicken Sandwich. Before tasting, this sandwich looked the best. Shiny bread with battered chicken bits.

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