Saddest Zodiac Signs According to Astrologers

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Taurus hates boredom and stagnation. Taurus is inflexible and takes rejection personally. Taureans are stuck and depressed by fear of the unknown.


Virgo has a greater propensity for overthinking, which may result in the physical entity of their own mental calamity.

People of this zodiac think a lot about every moment of their life, which later makes them very sad.


Libras want to keep everything under their control and if something is not according to them, they become sad.


Scorpios who are depressed are dramatic. Even if you spilt their milk, they act as if you stole their puppy. Be gentle when disappointing Scorpio.


These people are very sad and they are so emotional that they cry while watching movies.


People of this zodiac are known for their sensitive nature and this makes them the saddest zodiac sign.

One reason for these people being sad is that these people think about everything very deeply.

The Least Emotional Zodiac Signs List

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