Sam's Club Just Launched New Food Court Item

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Sam's Club keeps tempting shoppers to switch warehouse clubs. Walmart's members-only club is stepping up its Costco battle. Food courts are becoming battlegrounds.

Sam's hot dog and Coke combo was 12 cents cheaper than Costco's last November.

The Los Angeles Times reviewed two frankfurter combos and started a controversy about which warehouse club is better.

Sam's changed its café menu again this week, so compare prices.
Sam's Club launched a $1.58 birthday cake sundae to celebrate its 40th birthday.

That's less than Costco's $2.49 ice cream sundae. Sam's Club's new sundae is cheaper and fancier than Costco's.

Vanilla frozen yogurt is layered with iced birthday cake from the retailer's bakery and topped with colorful confetti sprinkles.

Sam's Club's brownie sundae costs the same, according to Instagram fan account @samsclubmember.

Costco sundaes are vanilla ice cream with chocolate or strawberry sauce. Sam's Club's lower-priced sundaes are another way it's undercutting Costco's food court offerings.

In 2018, Sam's Club added a Polish dog after Costco discontinued its. Sam's Club offers four-meat and gourmet pizza, unlike Costco's cheese and pepperoni. Sam's sells more condiments and sodas.

Sam's Club is competing with Costco in more than simply the food court. Retailer's technological and private-label initiatives to beat its main competitor.

Sam's Club is far behind Costco dollar-for-dollar. In 2022, Costco made $222.7 billion and Sam's $73.6 billion.

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