Shake Shack Will Open 70 New Locations

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The fast-casual burger restaurant famed for its gourmet burgers and seasonal shakes is primed for its largest growth surge yet in the new year.

 This contemporary, customer-focused feature will be added to all of its locations.

The burger chain originated as a hot dog stand in NYC's Madison Square Park and has been expanding for years. 2023 will be a big year with up to 70 new locations.

Adding sites means hiring competent, team-oriented workers. Shake Shack management isn't scared and hails clever recruiting.

Moving the best from other areas to the new ones is one technique. Shake Shack's new tipping option, which bosses say has workers making $20 an hour, may also boost applications.

Shake Shack uses kiosks to avoid hiring new employees. More fast-casual eateries use ordering kiosks. Customers may order, configure, and pay via interactive interfaces.

The kiosks appeal to individuals wary of face-to-face encounters following the Covid epidemic, but they also spare the corporation from completely staffing registers.

While reduced ordering processes assist, Shake Shacks won't require fewer personnel. Current and future personnel will complete and expedite orders and greet guests, the business stated.

Some customers loved Shake Shack's kiosks, but others found the many selections and screens confusing.

If a Shake Shack opens near you in 2023, try it. In our fast-food cheeseburger taste test, the original ShackBurger came in second.

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