Side Effects of Eating Too Much Bacon

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Bacon's salt causes both. Four thin slices of bacon, the normal quantity for a bacon and eggs breakfast

You'll be thirsty and may have hypertension

contain 776 mg of sodium, roughly half of the "optimal" 1,500 milligramme daily limit.

Too much sodium raises the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke. High blood pressure has dangerous side effects.

Bacon is a cornerstone of the ketogenic diet because its protein and fats are satiating. Bacon contains saturated fats but also monounsaturated fat, including heart-healthy oleic acid.

Gain weight?

Numerous studies link highly processed meats to type 2 diabetes, CVD, and all-cause death. Bacon is very processed.

You may develop type 2 diabetes and heart problems

Bacon and other cured meats include nitrites and nitrates, which increase meat quality and shelf life. When heated, nitrites and nitrates generate carcinogenic nitrosamines.

You might get cancer

Mania, or bipolar disorder, is a depressive illness produced by environmental exposures.

You may be bipolar

In one study, feeding rats meat preserved with nitrate generated hyperactive behaviour akin to human mania and gut flora changes similar to bipolar disorder.

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