Signs of a Womanizer

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High Ego

Women's attention fuels his ego. Womanizers don't appreciate other genders, so don't be surprised if he becomes upset if you don't feed his fragile ego.

Friendly with the Ladies

Even though you're present, he'll charm and cast his line to catch his next fish. Be wary if he appears "available" even in your company.


If your lover is secretive about his past or personal life, this might be an eye-opener he won't reveal since he doesn't want you to know his Casanova style.

No Future Talk

It's possible that he's only thinking about the short term and doesn't want to communicate that he's been in flight mode from the start of the relationship,

even though you've been buying the current Bride or Family Life issues because you picture yourself going the long haul with your boyfriend.

Power Dynamics

Some romantic relationships are motivated by power. See if he wants to be in charge.

No Dates to Speak Of

Be wary if you're ready to discuss your dating past but he isn't. That might be to hide their transient connections.

Weekend Warrior

He's playing multiple roles if you just have weeknight dates. He may have weekend girlfriends.

What Friends?

You may be anxious to introduce your friends to the ideal gentleman, but what about his friends? He's a liar if he knows everything about you but nothing about his family and friends.

Exudes Charisma

Womanizers effortlessly satisfy ladies. He's good because he's practiced saying things the way you'll like them.

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