Signs That Means Someone Finds You Attractive

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They mirror you

Dating requires questions. Questions enhance relationships and help you understand others. Conversation can attract individuals and build trust.

If someone is interested in you enough to ask you several questions, they are clearly drawn to you and want to know more about you.

Constant eye contact is made between them

Someone who makes additional effort to initiate eye contact with you is likely attracted to you.

They inquire and remark to get to know you. Eye contact can evoke strong emotions.

There is interrogation involved

If you cross your legs when sitting, they will too. People will follow your arms crossed. They're trying to show they're on your wavelength.

Everything you've spoken has stuck in their minds

They will remember the details you provide and bring them up in follow-up conversations.

If someone seems attentive to everything you say, it might be because they find you attractive.

They are willing to invest in you personally

If someone wants to spend a lot of time with you or close by, take it as a compliment. Time is the most valuable resource since it is limited.

Someone's attraction to you might be read from them spending time with you. To put it simply, they enjoy how you make them feel in your company.

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