signs that your dog loves you

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give you gifts

This action suggests that your pet is ready to share his or her joy and happiness with others.

give you too many kisses

The dog shows his human companion how much he cares for him by licking his face.

gets belly to the air

The dog is conveying two unmistakable messages: the first is that he is receptive to being petted.

And the second is that he is absolutely certain that you are the best person for the job.

dog knows your health

When you aren't feeling well, the dog won't let go of your side and will work extra hard to make his presence known.

wags his tail every time when sees you

It is a sign that the dog is pleased to see you and enjoys your company when it greets you by wagging its tail from side to side and acting in a playful manner.

looking at you for play

Play is an essential part of a dog's life since it helps to keep the dog active and enhances the link between the dog and its owner.

ready to protect you always

If your dog perceives that there is an immediate threat, he will not hesitate to put himself between you and the threat in order to defend you.

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