Signs That Your Partner Is Doing Gaslighting to You

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The first sign of cheating will be that your partner will never tell you the truth and will always hide the truth.

they tell lie to you

It is a common thing to have a fight in any relationship and keep blaming each other, but it is something different in gaslighting.

They can put blame on you for everything

In this situation in Gaslighting, your partner will always blame you no matter who is at fault.

Sometimes your partner can make you feel that you are not stable about their relationship and are cheating on them, then it is a sign of your being gaslighted.

They ask questions about your sanity

If your partner is denying what he has said and repeatedly making you realize that you do not remember anything, then it is a sign of gaslighting.

They will go back on what he said

Another sign of gaslighting can be that your partner is repeatedly telling you that he never said this to you.

Your partner will take your loved ones away from you one by one and will have complete control over you.

Your support network is cut off

In Galiting, your partner will keep away from you the people who come in your time of trouble, be it your friends or family.

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