Signs You Have An NE Personality

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I Value Theory

This personality function thinks that theory is more important than real-world evidence because they try to come up with answers instead of looking for clues.

I Can Overcome Everything

Other personality types spend a lot of time believing about how to solve problems, but NE types come up with ideas and use clues to link the pieces and see the bigger picture.

Future Events Drive Me

Have you ever been thinking so much about the future that you forgot to live in the present? The main thing these people do is use their extraverted intuition.

I Value Innovation

NE types are naturally changeable and want to grow and change all the time.

I Value Neutrality

Few people can keep an open mind and respect the views of others, no whatever they are.

Still, your extrovert intuition lets you listen to what other people have to say without judging them.

Group Projects Inspire Me

Collaboration projects are hard for many people in school and the workplace. People sometimes call group projects the 10th circle of hell. They like to work alone or in pairs.

I Like New Challenges

People with NE personalities work hard and don't give up, but they may be quirky and disorganised at work.

I'm Limitless

Extraverted mood see potential and new opportunities everywhere, which makes it hard for them to focus on just one problem or goal.

Even though NEs seem uncertain and even disorganised, they thrive most in this kind of creative chaos.

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