Simple Ways to Gain Self Respect

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know your values

Guesses or the opinions of others won't help. The things you believe and do should show who you really are.

make a clear vision

After you know what your basic principles are, think about how you can use them in your life and work. Write down your vision, even if it seems impossible or unrealistic.

first Choose your priority

Simple things you do every day will keep you going. Set a specific vision goal. If you want to buy a house in a certain city, you might start putting away $200 a month.

take an action

Make an action calendar and step-by-step plans for your first goal. Slow down. Simple things you do every day will keep you going.

create a report

Tell your family, friends, and people on social media about your goal. Report every day and ask for help. Taking responsibility makes people do better.

avoid negative thoughts

Negative and limiting beliefs make us put things off and lose respect for ourselves. Ignore. Everyone has doubts and fears about change.

except mistakes you do

There are mistakes and failures in action. Plan for them and change how you see things. If you view losses as steps towards your goal, those who won't hurt your ego.

respect yourself

Respect yourself as you go after your goals. Even if you don't respect yourself, you should change how you talk to and treat yourself.

know your mental needs

Write down your most important emotional and mental needs.

spend time with nice persons

If you don't respect yourself, being around people who don't may make you feel worse about yourself.

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