Small Ways You're Destroying Your Relationship

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Expectations are not communicated

Specify. "Serious," "space," and "priority" signify what? Your thoughts? Different individuals understand these concepts.

Talk to your partner about what you expect from your relationship in order to establish trust and clear limits.

Expecting perfection

Our partner must not let us down. Every collaboration has failures. We will disappoint ourselves and others.

Your partner is not perfect, but they should meet you where you are, accept their mistakes, and work hard to satisfy your expectations.

Permitting anger to fester

If your partner's behaviour is getting you furious, stand back and assess if it's a real issue or simply splitting hairs.

Avoiding difficult discussions

Not discussing your past or anything you're embarrassed of or know would hurt your spouse may worsen the situation and produce animosity.

Mistaking quality time for roomtime

A meaningful relationship necessitates a substantial amount of time spent together.

This may include a long walk or a regular date night, but not simply remaining at home or watching TV.

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