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Fast-Food Items Coming Back

Culver's Curderburger

Last year, Culver's April Fool's burger sold out in most locations within two hours. The Curderburger is back, and the firm wants to quadruple its supply.

"We saw we needed to bring it back in a much stronger form for 2022," said Culver's director of menu development.

Wingstop's Chicken Sandwich

In August, Wingstop debuted 12 chicken sandwich flavours, from mango habanero to hickory smoked BBQ. Popeyes 2019 sold out in six days.

The company sold a 4-week supply of sandwiches in six days, leaving consumers unhappy.

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

Who hasn't heard of Mexican Pizza? Taco Bell withdrew this customisable menu item during the pandemic, causing a (digital) riot.

Taco Bell was unprepared for the frenzy when the one-of-a-kind pizza returned this year.

Fans raced to buy Mexican Pizza after an 18-month sabbatical, and sales were seven times greater than expected. In about two months, all 7,600 Taco Bell outlets sold out.

Pizza Hut's Detroit-Style Pizza

Pizza Hut's 2021 limited-edition pizza sold out quicker than planned. The item was controversial.

Due to its popularity, the pie became a seasonal staple, making irregular appearances on the menu, which further stokes fan demand.

The pizza returned last month for eager admirers. It comes in three basic flavors—Double Pepperoni, Meaty Deluxe, and Supremo—and you may add up to five toppings.

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