Speaking Like This Makes You More Attractive 

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To make others look good, you can get a haircut, and color your hair, but can you change the way you speak?

According to a survey, it was found that most people are liked because of their voice.

Many times when a person talks in a good voice, then he likes it very much, our heart likes his voice.

According to a survey, it was found that the person speaking in English voice is more attractive.

The people of America used to think that Australian accent was very good.

And some people Manna: French accent is also very good, her voice is sweet.

Before going on the next date, make sure that you do not use any fake language.

In many places, people make relationships only with people who speak own language.

You should always remember that you should not change anything for anyone, your partner will like you the way you are and not your tone.

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