Sprouts Grocery Store Shutters 11 Locations

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Whenever it comes to grocery stores, the name of Womart and Costco comes to our mind. And it is very difficult to open a store of their level in today's date.

However, sprouts have made a name for themselves in the grocery line. 

A Phoenix located retailer, who famous for organic food, expanded 386 stores in 2022 and now plans to open 30 more locations at the end of 2023.

But just opening the location is not development because Sprouts says that the chain will close 11 locations by the half of this year.

Nowadays, the closure of grocery stores has become a trend and now sprouts have also joined this trend.

Earlier, Walmart had closed some of its locations nationwide and now Aldi and Amazon Fresh are closing some of their locations this year.

The store's closing intentions extend back to 2020. Sprouts was considering closing certain failing sites early that year as it started focusing on a "smaller, more productive" shop prototype.

Sprout's CEO said that "they did not close the location intentionally, the reason behind this is pandemic, and they had to provide healthy groceries to their customers."

The chain will close its 11 locations only after the lease expires and that too in the first quarter. But the chain has no plans to open new locations right now.

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