Starbucks Is Discontinuing Its Most Popular Syrups

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Starbucks is switching to a popular syrup taste despite generating billions on extra sauces and syrups. Starbucks will eliminate raspberry syrup by end of the month, disappointing many enthusiasts.

"We regularly assess our store items and decided to eliminate raspberry syrup. As we remove it from our menu, retailers will have limited supplies in March "The firm stated.

Starbucks just acknowledged the syrup's retirement after days of whispers on social media and in the news.

A California Starbucks confirmed that raspberry syrup will be withdrawn at the end of March.

While we continue reviewing product performance, raspberry syrup will be terminated by the end of March to create place for new developments,

such creating new syrup tastes," said an alleged business document submitted by various TikTok users in the previous few days.

The message tells staff to sell their syrup inventory until it's gone because distribution centres will stop ordering.

TikTokers especially love adding raspberry syrup to Starbucks' matcha lattes, white chocolate mochas, and Strawberry Açaí Refreshers.

"I'm literally never going to Starbucks again bc they keep eliminating EVERYTHING I love," a TikTok fan wrote on one of the syrup retirement videos.

"Our only fruity syrup is popular. Nowadays, everyone adds it. Why did they think this was a good idea? "a Reddit user wrote.

"Almost 90% of workers add raspberry to their refreshers/teas. Personally, "another said.

Starbucks' new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew was well-received. Starbucks' spring launch of olive oil-infused coffees in Southern California isn't as popular.

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