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Starbucks Joined By taco Bell in Helping EV Companies

Diversified Restaurant Group, a Taco Bell franchisee, believes EV charging stations will attract Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid drivers.

The franchisee unveiled its first ultra-fast charging station at its South San Francisco, Calif., Taco Bell on Oct. 18.

Diversified Restaurant president: "We're constantly seeking for new and sustainable concepts that generate a 'win-win' for our customers, the community, and our company."

"ChargeNet Stations is a terrific partner, and we're excited for the future."

ChargeNet Stations are compatible with all EV plug types and can charge 100 miles in 20 minutes for $20 using a level 3 charger.

Diversified Restaurant Group aims to electrify 100 California Taco Bells. ChargeNet Stations' quick charging, energy storage, renewable energy, and software will be in restaurant parking lots.

The Taco Bell franchisee has over 300 shops in five states. ChargeNet CEO: "Rapid meal, quick charging." "Charge your EV and get a chalupa in one stop."

ChargeNet Stations' revolutionary software harnesses solar energy and smart energy storage to balance grid demand and charge EVs quicker.

ChargeNet Stations reduces restaurant utility costs and promotes renewable energy use by combining solar and energy storage, according to a release.

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