Starbucks launched A Miley Cyrus-Themed Flowers Drink

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A new Starbucks secret menu drink is best enjoyed while listening to Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation" on March 16.

The album was led by "Flowers," Cyrus's first number-one song since "Wrecking Ball" 10 years earlier.

"This song & its popularity shows the power of YOU!" she stated, noting that "this sort of fate doesn't happen by luck."

In a clever play on the song's lyrics, UK coffee cafe Yas Bean displayed a photo of Cyrus clutching a coffee cup on its window.

To the tune of "I can buy myself flowers," the commercial read, "I can get myself Yas Bean."

When a TikTok user requested a drink to go with the music, one Starbucks barista was up for the task.

Once "Flowers" was released, a TikTok user went to a Starbucks drive-thru to get a drink inspired by the song.

The outcome was a "blended paradise drink with strawberry puree and topped with strawberry inclusions." Coconut milk with freeze-dried pineapple ice make a tropical drink.

Lyell sung a bar of the song through the drive-thru to show the barista. Her singing was more popular than the drink. "I love your voice. Everyone loves you "a nice TikTok user wrote.

If you want the "Flowers" drink, you may have to say what's in it. If you want to drink like Miley Cyrus, buy a nonfat white mocha san whipped cream at Starbucks.

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