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Starbucks Menu Has a Taylor Swift Lavender Haze

It's easy to order the drink with the Starbucks app or in person. Ordering iced passion tea with soy milk and vanilla syrup is as easy as placing the order.

You'll need three for a regular size, and four for a grande, if you want vanilla. In most cases, your barista will use the traditional procedure of adding six pumps to your venti.

Strawberries and other berries have been used as a garnish by certain drinkers.

Even while the hack has been seen and named the Purple Drink before, because to Swift's fame, this secret menu name may have a higher chance of getting traction.

But Starbucks has worked with Taylor Swift before, so don't take this "unofficial" menu change too personally.

In late 2021, to celebrate the reissue of Swift's album "Red," the coffee giant Starbucks and the singer/songwriter announced a unique coffee collaboration.

Taylor's Latte, a Grande nonfat caramel latte, is Taylor Swift's drink of choice at coffee shops.

Signature Coffee lovers all around the world go to Starbucks because of the Swifty drinks and the other delightful experiences available there.

The positive results we saw in the first quarter for Starbucks show not just the resilience and longevity of our business, but also the growing interest in our coffee throughout the world.

Today's strong profits were achieved in spite of challenging global consumer and inflation conditions, a lacklustre retail quarter, and severe COVID-related headwinds in China during the first quarter.

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