Starbucks Reveals Holiday Menu for 2022

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As Halloween candy wrappers are discarded and pumpkin spice fades, you may feel enthusiastic about the holidays.

Starbucks is commemorating the 25th anniversary of their Christmas cups with new artistic designs and a new seasonal drinks and sweets selection.

Starbucks will use its four new Christmas cups for 2022 to serve holiday beverages and pastry goods beginning Nov. 3.

Starbucks Christmas mugs with festive graphics have been a yearly tradition since 1997.

"Starbucks red cups welcome consumers to celebrate the season with us. We love seeing the cup designs each year and becoming a part of our customers' Christmas traditions "Starbucks remarked.

Gift-Wrapped Magic

The red and green cup is decorated with "wavy ribbons and sparkling glitter," making it appear like a present.

Frosted Sparkle

This mint green mug with a frosted design is called "Frosted Sparkle," and it has large diamonds and retro starbursts.

Ornament Wonder

The Ornament Wonder beverage comes in a white Starbucks cup decorated with colourful holiday patterns and symbols to evoke the ornaments that adorn a Christmas tree.

Cozy Evergreen

Long and broad white Christmas trees adorn the red cup's strong, iconic design.

Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, and Irish Cream Cold Brew, all perennial favourites, will be available this year.

Sticky bun made with a buttery brioche-like dough, filled with a cinnamon-coffee-chocolate paste, and topped with chopped pistachios.

You should give it a shot if you like seasonal offerings like the Pistachio Latte or the Cinnamon Bun, both of which have since been phased out and are sorely missed.

The Reindeer Cake Pop, Sugar Plum Cheese Danish, Cranberry Bliss Bar, and Snowman Cookie will all be available once again from Starbucks.

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