Starbucks' secret $1 billion plan

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Coffee and technology pair well. Smart phone technology lets you order your favourite coffee in advance and personalise it for up to 170,000 days.

The yearning for something warm and comforting combined with the option to customise temperature, flavour, and sweetness leaves customers feeling toasty, and it's not just the beverage.

Starbucks claims to be in the people-serving coffee business, and letting customers make their own orders gives them authority.

Starbucks offers fantastic coffee and customer service, but that doesn't necessarily convert to profit.

Starbucks executives claimed the ability to modify a customer's order and serve it frequently is providing nearly $1 billion more in profit.

No other coffee firm can reply instantly to a customer's customisation request "Starbucks interim CEO on earnings call.

Customization boosts sales and profitability. App orders track clients and orders. Starbucks now knows who orders what. Knowing clients' ages helps organisations make projections.

Customers may choose Splenda, Stevia, Sweet'N Low, or Equal over flavoured syrup. Customers can add whip or foam to the various options.

Whip topping and chocolate syrup drizzle cost extra when clients want a bespoke drink with more espresso. New tastes and combinations can be customised.

Extra syrup boosts coffee manufacturer profits. Last quarter, 76% of Starbucks' sales were cold orders, and 60% of them were personalised, resulting to increased profitability.

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