Subway To Start Sandwich Vending Machines

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Subway began selling pre-made sandwiches in casinos and petrol stations in 2020. Subway Grab & Go is presently at 400 sites and will grow next year.

Grab & Go is a method for Subway to reach more sandwich enthusiasts while its brick-and-mortar outlets continue to decline.

Subway may be the largest chain restaurant to buy into a trend that gained pace during the COVID-19 outbreak, which increased the demand for contactless customer interactions.

One New Jersey restaurateur says Subway's Grab & Go fridges reduce costs. Says he: "Restaurant accounting includes rent, food, and workers.

If we can reduce front-of-house costs, restaurants will be more profitable." In 2020, Subway used regular freezers as pickup points, but a "smart" version was planned for 2022.

"Grab & Go" smart fridges offer pre-made Subway sandwiches in unattended vending machines.

Subway says these customised freezers will have AI and natural language processing, allowing consumers to "talk" to them and enquire about items.

The shelves have weight sensors that "ensure customers are charged accurately, resulting in a contactless and cashless transaction." After a transaction, UV-C light sanitation cleans items.

Subway said the new gadget, which is supplied daily by a neighbouring branch, was road-tested at UC San Diego in September and received "very excellent" reaction.

"Subway Grab & Go is popular because it offers fresh sandwiches from a brand people adore" Smart fridges will be at airports, colleges, and hospitals.

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