Surprising Character traits Of A Private Person

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less social media activity

You don't have to share personal stories on social media or get approval from other people.

less circle of friends

You don't need buddies. A few close friends are enough.

called boring

People who share more on social networks and blogs have noticed that you aren't one of them. Some even disagree.

keep conversations away from personal business

If you don't trust someone, private conversations make you feel uneasy. You don't answer questions or change the subject very often.

think before speak

Now you think before you speak. You may have always known this or had to learn it the hard way.

strong boundaries

You may not agree with my ideas, but they are deep. You really believe in something.

carefully spend your time

You don't waste time on meaningless things. You don't mind if your coworkers who are good at social media make fun of you because you use social media for business.

keep feelings personal

You're usually quiet and unreactive. Because people who are quiet and in control of their emotions are less noticeable.


Thinking before you speak or act makes you more self-aware and thoughtful.

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