Taco Bell Enchirito Finally Making Official Comeback

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Taco Bell food is my jam. Nothing gold can last eternally. In recent years, supporters' emotions have been volatile.

Taco Bell's 2020 menu purge cost us many excellent troops. Nachos Supreme, Grilled Steak Soft Taco, and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes were deleted.

Mexican Pizza was also affected, but it returned. Now that the Taco Bell Enchirito is returning, we're ecstatic.

The Taco Bell Enchirito is a soft tortilla folded with seasoned beef, onions, and beans, then topped with red sauce and cheddar cheese.

 This item debuted in 1970, 8 years after the business launched.

It was withdrawn in 1993, but enthusiasts kept ordering it, like a primitive hidden menu item.

Taco Bell brought back the popular snack in 2000. Again, it was deleted in 2013.

This year, Taco Bell asked fans whether the Enchirito or Double Decker Taco should return. Enchirito won with 62% of the vote, and we're thrilled.

From November 17 to November 30, you may order the Enchirito nationwide.

We're sorry it's not a permanent reappearance like the Mexican Pizza, but we're not ungrateful. Glad they're back.

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