Taco Bell Expand its Most Popular Menu Item

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Teco  Bell was founded in 21 March 1962, Downey, California, United States. its known for its tasty menu items.

Taco Bell has kept the Mexican Pizza on its menus since the relaunch, despite some consumers' initial scepticism about the company's promises to make it permanent.

This week, Taco Bell disclosed that it is testing updated versions of one of its most popular menu items at select locations around the country. This week, the news broke.

The "Cheesy Jalapeo Mexican Pizza" will be tested at an Oklahoma City Taco Bell store.

This "cheaper and hotter" version of the pizza contains all of the usual pizza components as well as nacho cheese sauce and jalapeƱo slices.

It will cost between $4.99 and $5.49, depending on the cost of food at the given location.

This pizza includes the same ingredients as the conventional version, plus a third layer of meat, tortillas, and salsa.

This variety will be touted as a bigger pizza with "more to savour," with a $5.99 price tag.

Both pizzas will be served starting December 22nd as a test run to determine demand.

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