Taco Bell Is introducing Three New Coffee Flavors

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Nobody ever says, "Let's meet for coffee at Taco Bell." Tacos? Obvi. Nachos? Without a doubt. But what about coffee? Is coffee even available? Is coffee appropriate with tacos?

Taco Bell apparently feels that coffee and tacos go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Along with its more famous taco-drink combos of Cherry Bliss Freeze, Baja Blast, and Pepsi, the restaurant also provides premium hot coffee, standard iced coffee, and iced cinnamon coffee.

But, since Taco Bell isn't afraid to experiment, it's testing three new iced coffee tastes for fortunate tasters in Fresno, Calif., and Philadelphia, Pa.

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The original premium roast coffee is mixed with three Mexican-inspired variations: Dulce de Leche, Mexican Chocolate Mocha, and Sweet Vanilla. A big version of the new coffee will cost $2.99.

While Taco Bell's coffee innovation has lagged behind its competitors in the past (its only out-of-the-box offering was the Cinnabon Delights, which were added to 

the menu in March), the company appears to be trying to up its game when it comes to its breakfast scene, which has become an integral part of the fast-food industry.

Fast-food lunch traffic fell 3% from January to August 2022, but breakfast traffic rose 2%. Taco Bell is competing in the coffee market.

Taco Bell breakfast options range from Cinnabon Delights (cinnamon mini-donuts) to breakfast quesadillas and breakfast burritos.

The company hasn't said when the new coffee launches will be available countrywide, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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