Taco Bell Menu Makes Two New Takes on Mexican Pizza

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Taco Bell is known for its delicious food and now it is bringing back its old Mexican pizza.

Despite initial criticism from committed fans, Taco Bell has kept the Mexican Pizza on its menus since its debut.

Taco Bell's testing of new menu staple varieties at certain locations this week was also revealed.

Taco Bell will test a "Cheesy Jalapeo Mexican Pizza" in Oklahoma City, a "cheesier and hotter" twist on their traditional Mexican pizza with nacho cheese sauce and

jalapeo slices in addition to the typical toppings. The price will range between $4.99 and $5.49, depending on local food prices.

Some Omaha restaurants are preparing to introduce a new menu item called "Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza," which will be identical to the original but

will have an additional layer of meat, tortilla, and salsa. This variety, which costs $5.99, is touted as a bigger, "more to adore" pizza.

Both pizzas will be available for purchase beginning on the 22nd, and will serve as a test to see if broad distribution is necessary.

In the last we would like to say that if we talk about the most popular viral item of Tech Bell till date, then it is Mexican Pizza.

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